The Street Theatre Ireland Circus Skills Workshop

The Circus Skills Workshop is a brilliant class that is always invited back

Transition Year Classes

Transition Year classes love taking part in the circus skills workshop. It is a highly structured class which is perfectly suited to the transition year curriculum. It is physically and mentally challenging. Everybody gets to try a variety of circus skills and no body is left behind. Through a spirit of competition and cooperation everyone is fully engaged. Classes run from one to two hours each to suit your timetable. We bring all the equipment necessary and microphone and amplification. During Covid we use mask and microphone and sanitize all the equipment. Expect your transition year pupils to be absorbed, exercised, amazed, entertained and tired after the session.
Key benefits
  • Team Collaboration and Encouragement
  • Healthy Competition
  • Interactive
  • Entertaining
  • Motivating
  • Confidence Building
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Physical and Mental Exercise
  • Ideal addition to the TY programme
  • Lots of Fun!
There is a limited amount of classes available for Transition Year and we look after return visits first so book early for this one!
Give me a call to inquire- 087 2281645.

Primary School Classes

Primary school pupils love the circus skills class. From Junior and Senior classes up to Fifth and Sixth Class their sense of excitement and their dedication to effort is matched by their joy at achieving success during the class. We squeeze in as many classes as we can in the day so as many classes get to take part during the visit

Have a look at some recent feedback here.

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Circus Skills Workshop Details

This class is suitable for Primary Schools and for Transition Year groups in Secondary Schools.

It is very adaptable and suitable for all age groups.

The skills we teach during the class include from Juggling, Balancing, Diabolo, Plate Spinning, Devil Stick, Tight Wire Walking, Cigar Boxes, Unicycling, to Stilt Walking and more. The ball is kept rolling so everyone is always engaged.

We need a hall/ small hall or large room. We provide full public and employers liability insurance which we always have but have never needed to call on. We arrive an hour in advance so we are ready and raring to go! For extra fun don’t forget to make me so you can take part in the class yourself!


‘The students were thrilled with The Circus Skills Workshop- it was a super experience and thoroughly enjoyed. The tutor was excellent with the students and every minute filled with the skills.’

Janet Veighey Hewetson School

‘It was brilliant!

Jenifer Leahy Coill Dubh NS

‘The Workshop was excellent, perfectly pitched to the children’s abilities. I found it fantastic, interactive and every child was busy and focused from start to finish.’

‘The children were active at all times- they thoroughly enjoyed it.’

Teachers Scoil Ui Dhalaigh.

‘It was an extremely enjoyable and entertaining experience for the children! The range of activities, the artist’s interaction with the children and all the children had a go at all the activities. There were no negatives.’

‘The tutor engaged children from the start and they were enthralled throughout the entire session.’

‘One of the best workshops we’ve ever had. The boys are still talking about it.’

‘Maximum participation by the students- nothing negative.’

‘Thank you for a wonderful day.’

Allenwood BNS

Bonus! Bring The Show!

Here’s a recent recommendation for the Juggling Show from a school visit.